Global Regulatory Intelligence Platform

Our Global AI software empowers the entire lifecycle of medical devices,
making it the perfect tool for medical device manufacturers attempting to go global.

Pure Radar
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Pure Radar

Provides one-stop search of regulatory access paths of product registration.

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Pure Meta

Over 3 millions registered medical device data from major countries around the world.

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Our software has streamlined the process of writing regulatory documents by generating tailored templates for your MDs and IVDs.

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AI Medical Translation

Our software seamlessly connects bridges gaps and translates regulatory documents into over 25 languages.

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Registered Products


Clinical Data

Pure Radar

Covers regulatory trends of 100+ countries/regions around the
world and analysis of PureGlobal's experts.

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Pure Meta

Encompassing 30 countries/ regions , we have gathered millions of registered product data to support comprehensive information. This includes product classification, standards, catalog details, and fundamental physical information, providing a comprehnsive overview.

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Elevate efficiency and pioneer innovation with our AIGC products.Experience one-click automated

product manual generation and top-tier AI medical translation solutions for your business.

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AI Automated Generative Regulatory Documentation Service

Full Review

We assist in identifying and filling any gaps effortlessly.

Our tool identifies missed sections, highlights key regulations, and suggests improvements in the manual—all with a simple click, easing the workload for Regulatory Affairs (RA) staff.

Key Points Rewriting

Terminiology Optimization

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AI Medical Translation

30W+ Large Medical Termbase

Covering multiple disciplinary fields, automatically matching terminology databases, and effortlessly handling proprietary terms with a single clic

Memory Banks to Increase Efficiency

Wide selection of Translation Languages

Solve Special Sentence Structuress

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