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Global Regulatory Intelligence Platform

Global AI empowers the entire lifecycle of medical devices,
making it the best partner for medical device
manufacturers going global.

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Countries' Regulations




Registered Products


Clinical Data

GRIP: Data

We have a large amount of data in the medical device sector. Our 5 major databases seek to help our
clients make key decisions in the medical device lifecycle

Pure Rader

  • The latest information on medical device
  • regulations in many countries around the world
  • Multi- country regulations source files
  • online view and download

Pure Trials

  • Aggregate data from 100W+ clinical trials worldwide
  • Coverage of 220+ countries/regions data
  • 8k+ major sponsors
  • 200k+ different related diseases
  • Multiple test phase records

Pure Meta

  • Global registered product library for major medical device markets
  • Coverage of IMDRF 11 countries, 5M+ registered products data
  • A wide variety of filtering criteria
  • Clear display of product and entity relationships

Pure markets

  • 600k+ global compliant distributors
  • with complete contact information, matched by their area of expertise
  • Gathering global bidding information to explore more business opportunities


  • One-stop view of regulators and bulletin boards in major markets
  • A library of corporate entities in the medical device sector for easy access to competitor analysis and understanding of competitor dynamics
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Enhance efficiency, and lead the way in the era of innovation. Our AIGC products bring to your business

one-click generated automated product manuals and high-quality AI medical translation solutions.

Pure Global|IFU.ai

AI Automated Generative Regulatory Documentation Service

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Full Review

We'll Help You Spot and Fill in Any Missing Pieces

We'll Identify Missed Sections, Key Regulations, and Areas for Improvement in the Manual – All at the Click of a Button, Easing the Workload for Regulatory Affairs (RA) Staff.

Key Points Rewriting

Terminiology Optimization

AI Medical Translation

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30W+ Large Medical Termbase

Covering multiple disciplinary fields, automatically matching terminology databases, and effortlessly handling proprietary terms with a single clic

Memory banks to increase efficiency

Wide selection of translation languages

Helping you solve special sentence structures