Our Master Grower is a world-renowned commercial horticulture expert specializing in plant biology and obsessed with world-class quality. We call him our Plant Whisperer, but in truth the miracles he works are more science than spells.

Less Waste, More
Top Quality Bud

Our one-of-a-kind multi-ponic system creates a soil-less, pesticide-free environment. This innovative model allows for better distribution and absorption of all nutrients, while reducing inefficiencies common in traditional operations.

The Root
Is The Heart

Closed-loop systems allow us to tailor the biochemistry and nutrients to deliver exactly what the roots need at every stage for optimal growth.

In Class

Targeted spectrum LED lighting systems ensure the plant expends all its energy on growing the purest, most abundant high-grade flower.

More Canopy,
Less Space

Vertical farming enables us to grow multiple tiers of canopy, exponentially increasing potential yield from the same square footage.


Every plant is meticulously cared for and monitored throughout its life cycle to ensure conditions for optimal growth.

Yields more than 3x the product of a similar footprint without pesticides or herbicides

Canada’s First
Multi-Ponic Vertical
Cannabis Farm

By focusing our energy and inputs on growing only top-quality cannabis flower, our vertical farm setup allows for multiple tiers of canopy, and yields more than 3x the product of a similar footprint without pesticides or herbicides.

3 rows of cannabis growing vertically provide 3x the yield of a similar footprint