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Pure Global | Only 3 Days! Helping Clients Complete Swiss Registration and Filing

Recently, the Swiss Federal Council voted in favor of accepting medical devices with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sales authorization for sale in Switzerland. This news has ignited many medical device manufacturers' expectations and confidence in the Swiss market!

"Going global" is the new route that domestic medical devices are facing. Pure Global Certificate is pleased to announce that our team has efficiently and professionally helped one client formally complete product registration and filing in Switzerland in a very short period of time, successfully opening up a new overseas market map:

Pure Global|Pure Global  | Only 3 Days! Helping Clients Complete Swiss Registration and Filing

The successful registration and filing this time demonstrates Pure Global 's expert team's deep understanding of local regulations and policies, possessing professional knowledge and first-class project promotion capabilities, helping clients seek the best solution and enter overseas markets at the fastest speed, with high efficiency and quality, to meet customer needs.

As an independent third-party country outside the European Union, Switzerland's medical device access regulatory system is relatively independent and attaches great importance to whether manufacturers purchase liability insurance. At present, its specific implementation date and transition period execution plan for FDA-approved products have not yet been introduced. Pure Global suggests that medical device manufacturers should not wait and seize the opportunity to lay out in advance!

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